Q & A with Broken Water

Lappland caught Abigail from the Olympia based alternative noisy rocktrio Broken Water and asked a few questions about the forthcoming album Seaside and Sedmikrásky and about releasing and fundraising music in different ways. Have a read.

Q) Hi there and thanks for your time. Just for the record and for readers who don’t know you; who is Broken Water?

A) Broken Water is Kanako Pooknyw, Jon Hanna and Abigail Ingram. We are a three piece band from Olympia, WA, USA. We’ve been playing together for almost 4 years.

Q) What kind of music do you make and why? A big question… I guess a short answer is ok.

A) The music we make is psychedelic, fuzzy, loud, dreamy, reverberated heavy, floating, personal and feminist.

Q) You just recorded a new album Seaside and Sedmikrásky. A conceptual kind of thing with only two tracks. One song is inspired by a book and the other by a Czechoslovak feminist film maker. Why did you choose this way instead of just doing a “regular” album?

A) We wrote the song Seaside, with the idea that it could take up a whole side of a record. We knew it had to be really long, and perhaps a more patient listening experience.  We have an affinity to all different kinds of music that expresses itself across a longer span of time than 3 minutes, not exclusively, but it has been really fun and interesting to explore playing long songs like that. More intuitive.  Sedmikrasky was wholly improvised while we were playing in a cabin by the sea.

Q) Musically what can we expect on Seaside and Sedmikrásky?

A) I hope everyones experience is different.  But you can expect hypnotic rhythms,  creeping and rising guitar, cryptic vocals, haunted piano, sleepwalking.

Q) You choose an interesting way to release the album. Actually it’s not released yet. You’re using the crowdfunding site Kickstart.com to get people to donate money, so you can put out the record. Am I right? Why are you doing it that way and not through a record label?

A) You are right! We are doing this one this way because we wanted to maintain as much control as possible over these two recordings.  They are extra personal to us. And also, possibly not as accessible as some of our other songwriting.  We are using Kickstarter because putting out a record is really expensive! Not to mention all the hours spent on rehearsing, recording, mixing, artwork, promotion, etc.  We all have day jobs too. This year we plan to work labels in Seattle also in the UK and Germany.

Q) Is the traditional way of releasing music dead? What are your thoughts about putting out music as an independent band in 2012?

A) Oh man.  It’s been a very overwhelming learning process.  I’m not even sure what exactly the “traditional” way of releasing music is!  There are advantages and problems in self-releasing as well as signing a contract with a label.  We have worked in a very minimal way with small labels, and it’s been mostly a satisfactory experience.  Staying completely independent is wonderful for autonomy but also a lot of hard work.  I can see the benefit to both.  It is just extremely important either way to advocate for yourselves as artists, and for me, if it is no longer enjoyable, something has to shift.

Q) When is it Seaside and Sedmikrásky being released and how are you gonna distribute it?

Well, if we reach our Kickstarter goal, then we should be able to release it in May.  We are planning a series of short tours around the U.S. following.  It will be a very limited edition and we will sell the majority of our records on tour, to friends/fans and local shops and in person.  The old-fashioned way. 

Q) I guess you are going to tour a bit when the record is out. Will it bring you to Europe and Denmark?

A) There is talk of traveling to Europe in 2013.

Q) Any last words?

A) Thank you so much for writing about us on your blog, and supporting our Kickstarter project.  And for asking us questions. It is so awesome to talk to people all over the world.


Broken Water recently succeeded raising the money for Seaside and Sedmikrásky and the album will be released may 2012. The 3000 dollar was donated by 77 people – all looking forward to receive the album and various goodies in the mailbox. Me included.

Read more about the release by clicking here (in Danish)

…and listen to Broken Waters latest EP Peripheral Star via Bandcamp.



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