Eets Feats – Austin special part 3


One otherwise uneventful, insanely hot evening in Austin, Texas I decided to try to cool myself down with a couple of tall boys, some good company and a concert. Very distracted by the heat I quickly realized that it would take something near a miracle to make me focus on the music on stage. And as you all (Texan: y’all) have probably guessed by now that miracle actually did occur. Eets Feats – a trio from Austin – is the third and final part of our Austin Special here on Lapplandblog. And even more important – the thing that rescued me that very, very hot, humid night in August. The combination of noise and free spirited play combined with playful and well thought out details – and then just a hell of a live show – caught my attention instantly, and made me a fan.

Unfortunately, due to their very busy schedule this fall, we never got the chance to sit down with them in Austin like we did with Boyfrndz and See You In The Morning. Despite of this, we were still lucky enough to get them to answer a few question about being inspired by the community they are a part of, the difficulties of getting a hold of a used van just three weeks before heading out on tour, and how the Austin scene is both a competitive and creative place to be.

How and when did Eets Feats start?

We all moved to Austin around the same time and just started recording music on Garageband for fun but we were called Wizard Piss at that time, and the music was totally different.

How would you guys describe the sound of Eets Feats, and what/who are you influenced by?

The sound is sort of noisy chicha punk or something but we aren’t really sure. We just try to write stuff that we will have fun playing over and over again. Lots of sounds influence us but we are inspired by the community that you become a part of when you start to play music or showcase any art form. People influence us because you get to meet so many that are doing amazing things that drive us to keep going.

I have a feeling you guys have been pretty busy this past year. Tell me a little bit about how 2013 has been?

2013 was super productive for us because we were able to record and release a new full length called “Trash From Our Lips” on cassette which came just in time for our month long tour around the US in a used van we barely got 3 weeks prior to the tour’s beginning. The tour was incredible because it was filled with amazing places we’d never seen; catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a long time; meeting new homies; and hearing great new music.

I randomly stumbled upon you guys one night at Beerland (Music venue/bar), and you really caught my attention because of the energy you had live. Do you see yourselves as a band that is best live or on record?

We would hope that both would be entertaining but live shows to us are always more fun because we all just jam and don’t have to stop for any reason.

Austin has a great reputation as a music city with quite a few festivals and a bunch of shows every night. How would you describe being a part of the music scene in the Austin?  

The music scene here is full of a lot of really talented, creative bands and people along with rad venues to play at. We are all fortunate to be in a hub such as this because new people are always coming through so creating a network is easier than other cities.

Do you feel that Austin is the right place for you to be as a band?

So far it is making sense for us with our music and the work we are wanting to do to earn income to eat food and try and tour as much as possible. It can get a bit competitive here but I guess that would be the case for any large music scene however, there is a really nice community here that supports sounds of this city. The one thing is a lot of people may feel jaded due to how oversaturated Austin is with live music which is a sad issue to have.

How is it playing live-shows in other cities compared to Austin?

Live shows anywhere are fun for us no matter how many people are there or what they are doing because at the end of it all, we are all still there playing music together. I feel like some people move around a bit more in some other cities but Austin isn’t bad by any means.

What is up next for Eets Feats?

Our music collective that we started called Aye Aye Aye Tapes will be co releasing “Trash From Our Lips”  with our friend Garrett Hadden’s label Threadpull Records out of Austin sometime in the spring so we are waiting on the test pressing for that.  We are also working on some new stuff that will come out on a 7” at some point before the full length… hopefully. Either way we are going to continue to write new tunes and plan a tour to promote the new records after saving a good chunk of money to cover our rent, utilities, and dog food while we are gone.



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