Speedy Ortiz at SXSW 2014

foto (25)Interview: Wednesday afternoon I got the chance to talk to rising stars Speedy Ortiz at the Pitchfork Day Party at SXSW. Guitarist Matt Robidoux, singer Sadie Dupuis and drummer Mike Falcone told me a little about eating tacos whenever there’s time for it, the mixed vibe of SXSW and plans for the year.

How do you think it went?

Sadie: It went fine. It’s been sunny and windy – what more could we want?

Matt: I liked this one a lot. There was a big sound on the stage, and I love it when sound guys tell you to turn it up rather then: ‘It’s waaaay to loud, turn it down’.

Mike: Which happens to us a lot.

Matt: They had to cut us off, though, because the set was too long. Even though the last song was like 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

Which show has been your favorite so far?

Sadie: I like the one we did at Waterloo yesterday. It’s a record store I used to work at like 7 years ago. So that was kind of a homecoming for me. It’s a really great store. It was just fun, there were a number of people at the store that said: ‘Heeey, you worked at video’, and that was really cool. And we also got to play with Ex Hex and Hospitality who are really amazing.

What do you guys do here when you aren’t playing?

Mike: We haven’t even experienced that yet, and we’ve only been here a day. It’s pretty much from one show to another. We’re playing somewhere around 13 shows so it’s packed.

Matt: We’re gonna eat a lot of tacos. We’ve only gotten a couple of hours of down time, and we ate food then.

How do you guys feel about the vibe here?

Matt: It’s mixed vibe for sure. It’s just pretty much everything about the music industry – good and bad. But I’m enjoying it.

Sadie: I like it. It is certainly hectic but this is my favorite city so I will take any excuse to be here for a while. We got here on Tuesday and are here till Sunday so almost a week, which is really nice.

What’s next for you guys this next year?

Sadie: We will be back in Europe again this may and then again in August.

Matt: And we will try to play in Copenhagen again. I liked it a lot. We didn’t get to go to Christiania so hopefully next time. I heard a lot of great things about the venue there so we might try to play there.   

Listen to Speedy Ortiz’s ‘Tiger Tank’ just below:



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