Grass Is Green

64333_10150614109833634_203033337_nSXSW: There’s one thing all festival goers can agree on; there’s nothing like accidentally coming across something unknown and amazing. Maybe a friend drags you to a show, you walk past someone spontaneously jamming on a corner, or you simply just need a beer and walk into the nearest bar. The latter happened to me during SXSW last week. My need for a refreshing sip of a cold Lone Star became my first encounter with Boston quartet Grass Is Green.

It wasn’t my intention to stay in the tiny bar I had entered but the band on stage instantly enticed my ears to such an extent I had no choice but to dwell for a while.

The energy was not to be denied even though the audience was a scattered bunch, all lingering along side the walls not really paying attention to the – for me at least – phenomenal thing happening on stage. The band didn’t seem to mind, though. Forcefully, they kept going like they had agreed to play until the last splash of strength had vanished from their bodies.

Later on I learned that Grass Is Green is from Boston, MA. Andy Chervenak sings plus plays guitar, Jesse Weiss on drums, Devin McKnight and Michael Thomas III on bass/guitar. The songs are solid and catchy without being dull. There’s always a surprise coming at you, an atonal squeak somewhere that ensures complete focus. The music thrives on diversity and constant alternation from one pace to another.

This January Grass Is Green released their second full-length ‘Vacation Vinny’ on Exploding In Sound Records. A record that fully embodies what I heard that night at some random bar. Head over to their bandcamp page and indulge in a bit of just plain good music.

Watch the music video for ‘Vacation 2.0’ made by Speedy Ortiz’s Darl Ferm below


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