Homebody Q&A


Last year three friends and bar co-workers in Denver, Colorado made a decision to get together and make music. And thank God for that because the music is just darn good. Lappland caught the guys via email, and got them to answer 10 sharp ones. Here’s what they had to say about getting attention and still being unknown to many, music that resembles somewhere in purgatory, and taking things as they come. Enjoy.

1) Who and what is Homebody?

MS: Homebody is a band and art project made up of Michael Stein, Morris Kolontyrsky and Carson Pelo. We try to do everything ourselves (recording, booking, etc…), but when we can’t our friends help us out.

CP: Three guys who work late nights at bars and venues, writing anti-party post-pop songs on guitars and drums.

MK: Just a trio of underwhelming individuals who complain too much.

2) How did it all start (and yes, we like the long, detailed kinda stories)?

MS: Morris and I had played in a band together for a few years and we knew Carson through his past projects and through work. We all work at the same dive bar/venue together in Denver. Morris does door and tends bar, Carson does sound, I book the bands. It’s the kind of place where you can have a few drinks while you work and we take turns blasting whatever music we are listening to at the moment.

When Morris’s and my last band called it quits he and I started writing some more minimal stuff together, mostly with me on baritone and him on standard guitar.  After a while we needed a drummer, but we wanted someone who was into the same stuff we were into, and we knew that Carson fit both those requirements and also has the same shitty attitude that we do which is something that I feel is common among people like us who end up in the service industry; you either become a party guy or you start detaching yourself from all the drunks, even when you’re fucked up too.

Once we were ready (some time last summer), we asked Carson to play with us, and it just clicked immediately.  Since then we have been playing together.

3) I haven’t been able to find out too much about Homebody online, other then the fact that you are a pretty new band, and still you have a noticeable amount of stuff going on – like playing gigs with No Age, Mac DeMarco and so on. How has it been for you guys being a part Homebody and already getting this much attention?

CP: It doesn’t feel any different than being in any other band, really. We started things off a little less than a year ago, but now we’ve gotten more of a feel for the band and we’re kind of ready to make some bigger steps, or whatever you want to call it. Tour for a bit, play a few more shows, move on to more recording, etc…

MK: It’s a pretty calm endeavour. Whatever attention we may receive doesn’t get to our heads or anything. In all honesty we’re just another band in a sea of millions so attention comes and goes, the important thing is to keep active and creative with less focus on where it gets you and more attention to your artistic intent.

MS: I think in Denver there are still very few people who know or care about our music, and we don’t really mind that, we are a new band, and I don’t think we deserve much attention yet.  We have been very selective about what shows we play; I think in the past we have all played some silly shows in our respective bands, with Homebody we are trying to only play shows that mean a lot to us.  We don’t want to become a “Denver Band”, especially when we feel like we fit in a lot more with the aesthetics and ideals of scenes in other states/countries.

4) You have one EP (EP 01) out (accessible via Bandcamp (link)). Let’s say I had never heard it, and you guys would have to explain the essence of the record using only three words, what would it be?

MK: Reverberated. Worn. Harmonies.

MS: Mellow, Groovy, Creepy

CP: Bleak, Raw, Pop

5) Now, explain the three words.

MK:  Stuck somewhere in purgatory, not quite happy not quite sad. Just enough reverb soaked melody to where you can grasp some sort of familiar feeling.

MS: I think this EP is the opposite of epic, and I think it the songs have this intentional creepiness, but in a way thats kind of groovy, like when you see someone who is so gross that they’re kind of awesome.

CP: We weren’t able to spend a lot of time recording the EP, and I think it shows a little. It’s got a raw and somewhat lo-fi quality to it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The songs are catchy and pop centered, yet aren’t very happy or positive.

6) Tell me a bit about how you guys write and record songs. Do you do it as a group simultaneously, or is it more individual?

MS: None of us are the kind of musicians who like to jam, so we don’t tend to make songs in a totally organic way.  Generally one of us will come up with a riff or chord progression and bring that to practice, and then we will put it together in a collaborative fashion.  For lyrics, sometimes I’ll have a line or two in mind, but generally the words come last.

7) Plans of a full-length any time soon?

Yes, we have a ton of new material, we plan to start recording this June.

8) You guys planned a US-tour (West) in the fall that unfortunately fell through. Any new plans of another one any time soon? 

We are touring the Southern and Eastern United States this May.  We put together a cross-country sprint, I think we are playing 13 times in 12 days.
9) When people here in Denmark read this, and you become their new favorite band, and they want to grab a copy of your EP and see you play live what should they do?

If they want a physical copy of our cassette, it was put out by this awesome Canadian label called Craft Singles, and you can order one on the label’s bandcamp. We have music up on our’s that you can download.

As far as seeing us live goes, we would love to make it out there, but for now we can’t afford the plane tickets, so come visit us here, keep in touch with us online, and hopefully we can play there some day.

10) Any last thoughts you want to share with your transatlantic audience?

MS: Stay at home and listen to music.





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