Freak Heat Waves

FHW_VOID_AIR_7IN_COVER(FINAL)_FRONTInterview & premiere: Today we have the honor of premiering the brand new song Birth of Venus from the forthcoming Freak Heat Waves single. The two-song 7inch will be out late in June on Mother Image and on June 1st on Bandcamp. Have a listen here and read an interview with Freak Heat Waves too.

Like the climate, the music environment on the western coast of Canada is both fertile and appealing. One of the best examples is the underplayed yet playful postpunk outfit Freak Heat Waves. The music of the three piece spans from eerie ambient spaces to intricately woven guitar pieces underpinned by repetitive rhythms. Some months ago Freak Heat Waves isolated themselves on a tiny island south of Vancouver to record a new album – a follow up to their Christopher Reimer produced Freak Heat Waves s/t. We spoke to the band via email about the new record and about the 7inch soon to be released.

Lappland: I read somewhere that you have been living on a little island in the gulf south of Vancouver for a longer period recording a new album. Why was it important for you to relocate to such a remote place? And how was it?

FHW: It was great! It was fun to be isolated and be able to work around the clock. We didn’t have to worry about getting noise complaints and we were able to get a pretty big space to work in. Good vibes too.

Lappland: Is that where you wrote and recorded all the material for the album and the new 7”?

FHW: We worked on a lot of stuff out there that ended up on the album. Three tracks we more or less completely finished out there, the rest we rerecorded with our friends Monty and Arran in Alberta.

Lappland: Besides being surrounded by orcas filled waters how was the recording process different from doing your debut Freak Heat Waves s/t?

FHW: The debut album was also done in a fairly isolated location. Our friend Chris knew a guy that was in the process of converting an old church into a house in a town called Ymir in the Kootnays so we met up there and recorded most of the album. Having Chris around was probably the biggest difference because we really didn’t know what we were doing so he was pretty influential on the project.

Lappland: To me your work so far has put me in a sort of reflecting, introverted kind of mood. I often listen to it late at night or early in the morning bicycling to work through the dark. What kind of feeling or state of mind do you think your music expresses?

FHW: I would agree that the first album is generally has a nighttime feel and its pretty heady. The next album is a continuation of some of that feeling but expanded.

Lappland: First of you have a single coming out. What does it contain and how is the content?

FHW: The single contains 2 new tracks, the A side is called Birth of Venus and the B side is called Void Air Lashing. Both are songs that we had been playing in our live sets for the past year or more. They were recorded in the same sessions as a lot of stuff from the new album but we felt that these ones didn’t quiet fit with the others so we decided to release them on a 7inch.

Lappland: Canada, a huge country, has got a various different music scenes from Halifax to Vancouver. All three of you live in Victoria on Vancouver Island as far as I know. How is the musical climate there at the moment?

FHW: Vancouver Island has some great bands right now… Fountain, Iceberg Ferg, Open Relationship from Victoria and Colliding Canyons from Nanaimo… to name a few…. its a wonderful Canadian climate.

Lappland: What is next for Freak Heat Waves?

FHW: We are doing some dates on the west coast in June for the release of our 7inch and then we are also playing the Sled Island Festival in Calgary. Our album will come out in the fall and then we will probably tour across Canada after that and then we hope to make it over to Europe soon after that.

The 7inch is being released on June 1st on bandcamp and later in June physically on Mother Image – a new label from Seattle. Listen to more Freak Heat Waves on bandcamp.



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