The German underground for dummies, chapter 1: Human Abfall

WHuman Abfallhich representation do you have of Germany? The one of an old-fashioned country where everybody is combining socks and sandals and listens to average music? Lappland takes the challenge of changing your mind through five of the best actual german bands. First stop today with the abrasive post-surf from Human Abfall.



The four-piece Human Abfall (Human Waste) is the cream of the emerging punk-rock scene of Stuttgart in sourthern Germany. Once boring, this 600.000-souls city is flourishing with excellent new bands since two years, reminding of the situation in Aarhus. The phenomenon has been documented recently in Von Heimat kann man hier nicht sprechen, a compilation LP with 13 bands from Stuttgart. Human Abfall’s Wir müssen über Tibet sprechen (We Have to Speak About Tibet) opens the record.

Beyond its mixture of post-punk, surf, wave and noise elements, Human Abfall’s originality is its uncommon use of the german language and diction. The angry dadaistic and repetitive texts hide a subtile but direct critique of the society, for example of the german bureaucracy (Abgesagt), the waste society (Frühling), and tourism (14 Tage Urlaub).

The political convictions of the band are also clearly expressed live when the singer shouts anti-german sentences like Deutschland, verrecke (Die, Germany!). For this reason the band is respected as well in very left-wing venues as in less political circles. Since its formation late 2011 Human Abfall has never been booked in Denmark. Let’s hope that this situation will change soon!

Human Abfall’s first LP Tanztee von unten, as well as the excellent EP SNG, can be ordered here.

Foto: Steffen Schmid



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