Moon City Boys

Moon CityVideo + Q&A: Moon City Boys is a cool new four piece out of Stockholm. Though they have only released a 7″ and some demos Moon City Boys have definitely gotten our attention. As many Swedish bands throughout history these four ladies knows how to write solid melodies. They mix 60’s popmusic with 90’s DIY indierock and the result is addictive! Let My Love Dance is the name of their brand new song. Watch the video here and read a Q&A with Moon City Boys too.




Who is Moon City Boys and how long have you been around?

Moon City Boys: Moon City Boys is a 4 member band based in Stockholm (Sofia Ellis, Kelly Wedin, Liselotte Bramstång and Ella Rolf). We formed MCB in 2011 when 3 of us went to the same art school. But it took a while before we actually got it all together and started playing for real, which was a little less than 2 years ago now.

You just put out a new single and a cool video. Can you tell a bit about the song Let My Love Dance?

MCB: Hmm Let My Love Dance is the third song we’ve released, its a bit different from our first singles ”Rockets” and ”Stranger”. It is supposed to be messy, raw and straight forward. If u like it u like it. We love it.

Do you have an album on the way? If so what can we expect?

MCB: Yes, we have great plans for our future album. When and how is still in progress, we are going to work on it this summer so keep your eyes open..!

You just went to SXSW and played a few shows. How was that?

MCB: It was really, really fun and a bit weird too. The festival is very big so it’s easy to feel a bit random among 2200 bands… But it’s a great place to play and meet people. We would love to go there again.

What’s up next for Moon City Boys?

MCB: We are releasing another 7’’ soon and besides that we are going to play a lot this summer. And of course working on our album and making some more cool music videos.

Troels W Thomsen



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