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Gooms interview

10634123_618323481605600_3384821550053909745_oLappland TV: Gooms viste med debutalbummet Beyond Life, at pop kan være alt andet end forudsigeligt. Vi mødte 3/4 af den musikalske legestue til en snak om gruppens nye materiale, glæden ved at spille i øjenhøjde med publikum og om hvilken aktivitet Gooms’ farvefulde math-pop-galskab egner sig bedst til.

Chad VanGaalen interview

Lappland TV: We met up with Chad VanGaalen just before his concert at Ideal Bar, Copenhagen and talked about why touring sucks and what he does to kill time in the van. Chad VanGaalen shares he do’s and don’ts about touring too. We do apologies for the very non HD quality. Hugs!

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Lappland TV: Last weekend Canadian band Ought knocked the socks off the audience at Wasn’t Born To Follow in Copenhagen. In their own very understated yet powerful way they showed everyone exactly what all the fuzz is about. Ten minutes before going on stage we had the opportunity to talk to bassist Ben Stidworthy. Here’s a short video where Ben tells us a bit about the respons to their music, Montreal, and his personal history with the Danish language.


Total Heels

Lappland TV: Tonight Total Heels are playing the last show on their third European tour here in Copenhagen. Quite a lot of touring for a brand new band who haven’t even released an album yet. But Total Heels are all about doing things instead of talking. We met up with guitarist Jacob and leadsinger Jason for a chat just before they set sail for Europe a couple of weeks ago.

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Lappland TV: Illustreret fotosyntese, eftermiddage i vægtløs tilstand, farveeksplosioner i fuld HD. De indvendige billeder er ikke kedelige, når Papir’s organiske jams rammer øregangen. I dag udkommer trioens nye album IIII på El Paraiso Records, og kritikerne har allerede taget rigtig godt imod. Vi mødte Christoffer, Christian og Nicklas til en snak om Papir IIII, forhåbninger og hjemmebryggede øl.

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See You In The Morning – Austin special part 2

Lappland TV: A random night in Austin we ended up at a postrock festival on the east side of town. Playing on the outdoor stage was a band blending dynamic postrock with embracing jazzy tones and heavy riffs. See You In The Morning they were called and we had to talk to them. A few days later we met them outside an Italian store in a bad thunderstorm and talked about influences, Austin and other stuff. Check them out!

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Boyfrndz – Austin special part 1

Lappland TV: Next to cowboys and oilfields lies Austin – an unusual Texan city with a reputation of being weird and known for hosting an outrageous number of shows and festivals. In fall 2013 Lappland was lucky enough to spend some months in this beautiful city and to get a taste of the boiling music scene. One of the bands we really fell in love with was Boyfrndz, a thrill seeking experimental rockband with a thing for jazz and catchy stuff. We spoke to frontman Scott Martin at a show to know a bit more about the band and the scene in Austin.

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