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Endnu engang har vi samlet en håndfuld af de sange, der har sat sig fast i februar. Der er både vævende electro-pop og guitarklingende kradsere; lidt til den stille stund og de sene og irrationelle nattetimer. Nyd her:


A Tropical Breeze from Down Under: Q&A with Great Outdoors

12366202_872921139490677_4723004374464116511_nRight now us residents on the Northern hemisphere at least triple layer before entering the outside of our homes. The thought of sun, outdoor hangs and not wearing ski underwear seems almost utopian – at least unreal. In Australia, on the other hand, January is the time for heat waves and shorts. And damn fine music to accompany this, too. Meet Great Outdoors, Totally Mild member Zachary Schneider’s solo project. I came across his song ‘I Look Back’ browsing the never-ending cyberspace, and got captured by the music’s repetitive dream-universe instantly. Læs resten